Virgin Steele


PART III: More about LILITH and the forthcoming concert season ...
Questions by Matthias Handreck and Answers by David DeFeis

1. How is Lilith? How big has she grown meanwhile?

She has grown huge beyond huge! Mighty, Noble, Proud, Free & Wild!!! There is more than enough Music for several albums at this time. I have pushed the envelope as far as possible in this direction, and I think this will be a new progression for us. I always like to keep developing the style, adding more & more, while still maintaining a through line, connection and commitment to all that has come before.

2. Is there any connection between your LILITH and current matters / conflicts of our days? If so, tell me about it!

Yes of course. I always work with present day subject matter, though that might not be immediately obvious. Many people think that the lyrics are only about Ancient History or are only Myths, but that is not the case. There is always something more going on. I have always referenced current events on all the albums. However, I don't like being very specific. I never write like a CNN Report or the BBC World News! I like for the listener to draw their own conclusions about what a Song is about, and what connections there might be to the events of the day. This way each person who comes to the Work will find their own personal interpretation and meaning in it for their own Life. But I can assure you that all the relevant topics of the Day are somewhere embedded within the Work, and of course everything that I personally go through, think about, live through, etc., is in there. In order to sing convincingly, I have to write about what I experience, so I write about my particular corner of the World. This Work largely concerns human relationships, and how the male/female dynamic has been altered/colored by first, the changeover from matralineal descent patterns, to patralineal descent, and the demotion of the Goddess concept as caused by invasions of Storm/Father God worshipping cultures, and then later the further pressures that exacerbated the male/female dynamic, as caused by the rise of organized religions for the past 2000 years. For even if one does not participate, or believe in those religions, many of their ideas & concepts have still managed to permeate large facets of our contemporary society, thereby affecting us in various ways regardless. So yes it is about the current scene on the street, so to speak.

3. Is there a difference between that LILITH (not the actual character, but the story) to which was given birth upon the Theater stage of Memmingen and that LILITH which is being formed by "The Hammer of Zeus" studio? If so, what are the differences?

What you saw onstage was the Work in its earliest form. Those Songs that were used for the Theatrical performance, were all shortened/condensed to fit the time frame of the Evenings presentation. Now those Songs have all grown to their full & proper length, as you will hear on the new album, and in addition on the forthcoming CD's, (yes CD's...plural), there will also be the Songs that were not used in the Theatrical Presentation, plus many more Songs that I have written & am still writing, since that Presentation first Premiered. I have changed the Story itself a bit. It has become both more specific in terms of what actually happens to Lilith, and also broader as it relates to the discussion of the death of Paganism and the resultant unfortunate plunge into the Dark Ages.

4. Will those operatic and additional voices from "The chosen ones" return on LILITH?

It is possible that I may add them for a few pieces on this new album. We shall see.

5. While you were doing literary researches on the character of Lilith you must have come across a lot of pictures, images - drawings and paintings of Lilith. What does Lilith look like in your mind?

She is incredibly beautiful, sensual, magickal, mysterious, ethereal, yet always approachable and available. She is the ultimate Energy source, ultimate lover, friend, co-conspirator, and partner in crime.... She is the Force behind all and that which is a part of all. She is The One....

6. The album cover of NOBLE SAVAGE was created by Hugh Syme (I am talking about the front image). In my opinion, he created a true Heavy Metal icon with that image. Do you think that another cooperation with him could be possible? Because I wonder with what kind of idea he would come up for the artwork. A work like LILITH deserves another Noble packaging!

It could be possible if I knew where to find him! I have not seen him since we did that NOBLE SAVAGE cover. That was a great session. We shot the cover both the front & back, on the same day in the same place in Canada.

7. VIRGIN STEELE will return to Germany this year for at least one concert - at the "Bang your head" festival in Balingen this June. Besides the open air gigs there also use to be club gigs accompanying the festival.. How about another acoustic performance additional to the electric show down there?

That would be great. Let's see what develops. We will be doing the acoustic show and also another electric show in Holland, a week before the Bang Your Head Festival. The Festival in Holland that we are headlining is called, RAGNAROK... which is Norse for Twilight Of The Gods!