Virgin Steele

Concert Review ...

4 July 2002

VIRGIN STEELE live at JAXX, May 18th 2002

On May 18th, VIRGIN STEELE set out for West Virginia, where we had a concert to perform at the top venue in the area, JAXX. We performed quite a long show, and as far as I can recall, the set list was the following:

INVICTUS, THE FIRE GOD, FROM CHAOS TO CREATION, TWILIGHT OF THE GODS, A TOKEN OF MY HATRED, GOD OF OUR SORROWS, CONJURATION OF THE WATCHER, Edward's guitar solo/my vocal solo and Burning Sword performance, GREAT SWORD OF FLAME, THE WINE OF VIOLENCE, IN TRIUMPH OR TRAGEDY, RETURN OF THE KING, CHILD OF DESOLATION,(featuring much weeping by several members of the audience), (Thanks for your most sincere reactions!!!) BLOOD & GASOLINE was next, then...FLAMES OF THY POWER, KINGDOM OF THE FEARLESS, & NOBLE SAVAGE. The Encore was: LIFE AMONG THE RUINS, THE REDEEMER, DON'T SAY GOODBYE, VOW OF HONOUR and DEFIANCE. I must say,the audience was really great! They were extremely receptive throughout the show, singing along and enjoying themselves to the utmost!!!

We want to send out a Royal Thanks to all who were in attendance, for making us feel so very welcome! Thanks for all your Belief, and for keeping the Flame Burning in the USA!!! And...for those of you who made the long journey from North are incredible!!! By The Hammer of Zeus to you!!! Special Thanks to Jay Nedry for having us perform at his club, and Thanks to all the staff and crew as well! We look forward to performing again in this Noble Venue!!!

The trip home due to traffic took about 7 hours, and as soon as I arrived...I went to a most festive gathering/celebration, where I played solo piano for a few hours, and drank tons of a very nice Merlot!!! After this I gave a long lecture/discourse on the history of Metal to several people who had absolutely no idea what I was talking about! Ahhh...the Glory of the Spirit of the Red Grape!!!!!!! So anyway, in conclusion, a very Grand Weekend of Metal- Music, Communication and ... Magick!!!

Many Cheers & Drunken,... yet still ... Noble Salutations,

David DeFeis

(pics: Gail Flug)