From: "Jaroslaw Jan Fila"
Subject: Re: Rather strange interview with David DeFeis

1. Wine, wine, wine. This amazing beverage seems to be an important factor which accompanies your life. Tell me, how did the way of David DeFeis – the wine lover start?

I grew up in a Mediterranean type Household, where we were allowed to drink wine at an early age. It was never forbidden or off limits, so it was perceived as something very natural and beautiful and life sustaining. My parents enjoyed it especially my Father, and he and I still drink together and recommend various findings to each other. My Father's Mother, my Grandmother made her own liquors and also a very sweet after dinner wine.

2. The world of wine is really profound and varied.. From the shitty jug wine to best Grand Cru from Bordeaux. From the jammy, fruit bombs from Australia to delicate although complex Burgundies. What is your favorite brand, grape variety, region?

ANSWER: I am partial to Merlot, Chianti & Cabernet Sauvignon. Believe it or not we actually do have some very nice wines from the area that I live in. Long Island, NY is said to have a soil that is similar to some of the regions in France, and we do yield very nice results here! The Pindar vineyard has some excellent choices. Their 2003 Merlot is quite nice. Also the 2002 Pellegrini Cabernet Sauvignon is a sound choice. The Pindar Mythology series was also wonderful. The North Fork of our Sacred Island Of Long, has numerous wineries and excellent deals can be found. It is a Myth that one must pay an exorbitant amount of money for a great wine. I have had many Glorious wines that were quite inexpensive.

3. A question about American wine. It has rather bad press in Europe. It's mostly because most of good American wine stays in the country and what appears in Europe is overextrated wine with no character or terroir. Because you're able to buy wine in your home market I'd like to ask you what interesting can you recommend? Californian Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon? Oregon's Pinot Noir? Perhaps something else?

ANSWER: I do enjoy wine from the Napa Valley region, but again as I was saying above, the Long Island wines are really quite wonderful. For example the Winery "Castello Di Borghese", (which used to be Hargrave), out on the North Fork in a town called Cutchogue, has some of the oldest vines here and has won numerous awards for their Meritage, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and their Sauvignon Blanc. I would put many a Long Island wine up there with many European wines. I recently paid a visit to a new vineyard called Clovis Point in Jamesport. I sampled 5 or 6 other wines and they were all excellent! I spent about 2 or 3 hours there, playing their grand piano and drinking…it was a well-spent afternoon.

4. Have you ever tried wine from any odd region/country? Eastern Europe?Asia? Africa? What are your impressions?

ANSWER: Yes. When I am touring I always seek out the local vintages, especially when in Italy, Spain and Greece. I have had wine from all over the globe, and I have found many delicious wines and also a few dreadful ones. While on tour in 2002, we were once given gifts of what was supposed to be the most amazing wine every produced, and after one sip every orifice in my body wanted to revolt! However, Edward found it to be palatable and drank his fair share. Beauty & wine are in the eye and the palate of the beholder. Just last night I had a South African wine. It was a Chardonnay by Indaba, from 2006. I don't usually drink white, but this one was really nice.

5. What was the best wine that you've ever drunk? Any brands, vintages?

ANSWER: That is a tough question, as I enjoy such a variety, and it also depends on what I am eating; but once in Italy, I do remember having a most amazing Barbaresco, that was so incredible I could have swam in it.

6. Any funny or amazing story connected with wine?

ANSWER: Too many! This is an old tale that many might already be familiar with, but since you asked…Perhaps the most insane experience was when I went completely berserk in GREECE. This was after a concert. I had stayed up until the morning drinking wine, and drinking more wine, and then…I wanted to have breakfast. I wanted Edward our guitarist to join me but he was in a dead sleep, so…I took out the Sword and destroyed his bed, while he was still sleeping in it. I then proceeded to chop up everything in my room with the Sword, including myself! And then dripping blood, I went to the rooftop breakfast buffet where I had this wonderful fight with our sound guy and attempted to behead him! For that part of the Tour I was rooming with Edward, (we usually all have separate hotel rooms), but anyway after destroying his bed (with him still sleeping in it), I felt bad about disturbing his distinguished repose, so I let him have mine, since I was not planning on sleeping in it anymore that day, or ever again. I careened out the door, ran into some Fans & signed a few autographs, but then...for some reason a few minutes later I returned to the room and proceeded to destroy my bed as well, (and he still never got up!!! That kid can sleep through anything!!!) And then....I wrecked the rest of the room. (Yes of course there was too much Wine involved and various other problems going on!!!) But anyway, somewhere along the way I managed to slice myself up with the Sword pretty nastily. Then still crazed...I found my way up to the hotel rooftop, where the open-air breakfast buffet was going on. Mind you I'm shirtless, with no shoes and wearing ripped leather pants and dripping blood. Zeus bless the Greeks...they stared but not one person suggested I leave, or even said anything at all to me during the entire episode!!! Anyway, I then attempted to sit down and either eat or drink...I wasn't sure what I wanted at that point, and my sound engineer who over those past several hours had been continually annoying me, finally said something that was the "straw that broke the camels back" so...I lunged over the table, grabbed him by the neck and screaming at the top of my lungs I started to strangle him and then behead him with...what was fortunately only a very stylish butter knife. (I had left the Sword stuck inside a chair back in the room, spewing stuffing). The bass player at first encouraged me in my execution of our sound guy, but he soon realized that he had better intervene, and he managed to calm me down somewhat. Somehow I made it back to the room, to have a shower and begin that days round of Interviews, (with a splitting headache which only more Wine could cure…and it did!). Then later that Evening we all went into Town to the old City under the Acropolis...for more wine, humus and other fine cuisine...

Another time when we played in Chiaramonte, Italy, again after the gig, and after many glasses of a fine local vintage, I wandered away from the group & began to climb the mountain, which the town is situated on. Edward panicked because he knew that it was just me and my Spirits going forth on an adventure. So...he sent out these two Italian guys who were like our "minders" after me, and then...he enlisted Frank and the rest of our organization to search for me. I think he thought I was going to jump off the top of the mountain or something! Anyway, I met them all on my return trip down the mountain and we adjourned to the nearest tavern for another round.

7. How does wine influence writing of new compositions, recording and playing live?

ANSWER: The Wine brings Truth, the Wine brings counsel and it makes all experiences more entertaining! When playing live I do not drink that much prior to the show, as there is entirely too much to remember, and the physical demands are quite enormous. But afterwards it is nice to cool down and to talk with the Fans that are there, over a nice glass. In the studio I may have a drink now and then, but not to excess. I prefer all drinking afterwards, when the Work or the performance is done.

8. In the song „Wine Of Violence”, have you had any specific one on your mind? ;) Or perhaps just the ancient Greek wine?

ANSWER: : I was being metaphorical, but anyway in those days, (the times of ATREUS), the wine was much stronger. They used to mix it with water to decrease the potency...

9. Your second name – Dionysus surely indicates passion of wine, doesn't it? ;)

ANSWER: Indeed it does. Dionysus brought the art of the cultivation of the grape to Humanity. It was his gift, and to indulge in the grape is to allow the Spirit of Dionysus to enter into you...

10. That seems to be all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this beautiful and thrilling topic. Hope you liked the idea of the interview. Many good enological adventures!

ANSWER: My pleasure! It was great to discuss a subject so dear to my heart! Thank you and the same to you!


Dallo Spirito Del Vino,
David DeFeis

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